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10 stunning images from the world’s largest photo competition

From aerial shots to animals and landscapes, the photos are themed around the topic –‘Our world is beautiful’

The 10 winning images from the CEWE Photo Award have been announced – chosen from 509,612 entries across the globe. Open to everyone – from keen amateur photographers to established professionals, the competition aims to celebrate the best in photography across the globe.

Here are the 10 winning category images and the overall winner from this year’s CEWE Photo Award:  

The winning image

Category: People

Warung Kopi – a place where people meet and hang out in a village. Taken by Ariani Dikye in Bogor, Indonesia

Category: Landscapes

Doom – a volcano makes the perfect landscape shot. Taken by Marián Kuric, in Grindavik, Iceland

Category: Nature

Collapsing Glacier – an impressive glacier break-off witnessed during a boat tour to the Aialik Glacier. Taken by Christian Bovians in Seward, Alaska

Category: Animals

Hand – chimpanzee hands photographed in the Kibale Forest of Uganda. Taken by Claudia Räss

Category: Sports

Triathlon – the runners pass clapping spectators cheering them on. Taken by Rainer Köfferlein in Munich, Germany

Category: Architecture & Technology

Crowd – people gather at Summit One Vanderbilt in New York City. Taken by Michael Kemter

Category: Cooking & Food

Night workers – cooks taking their break from night work. Taken by Clerio Back in Balneário Camboriú, Brazil

Category: Travel

Palmenhain – scenes on the banks of the Nile reminiscent of times 2000 years ago. Taken by Hans Wichmann, in Luxor, Egypt

Category: Hobby & Leisure

The pool – time is suspended after this plunge. Taken by Karl Bordron in France

Category: Aerial Photos

Y Crossing 4 – a man crossing a street in Japan. Taken by Chin Leong Teo in Tokyo, Japan