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The 15-minute workout that promises max endorphins

PT and wellness coach Rachael Sacerdoti‘s full-body workout is the perfect mood-booster

Rachael Sacerdoti’s stress-busting ABC-15 workout is the ideal speedy solution for slotting fitness into busy lives.

The leading PT and wellness coach has combined a range of exercises – encompassing strength, cardio and flexibility – to boost endorphin levels to enhance overall well-being, and all completed within 15 minutes.

A simple routine to follow, each exercise can be easily adapted to suit personal fitness levels, accommodating those who may be just starting their fitness journey and those looking to maintain a high level of intensity. Repeat three times with a 30-second break in between rounds.


12 x Squat with Around the World (add weights for extra burn)

12 x Squat to Dumbbell Swing

6 x Lunge with Curl to Press (each side)

10 x Chest Press to Hollow Body Crunch

6 x Bear Stance Row to Half Burpee (each side)

10 x Single Leg Crunch with Overhead Dumbbell Hold (each side)

Rachael’s Top Tips to Maximise Your Workout

  1. Increase the tempo for an added challenge.
  2. Shorten the breaks to keep your heart rate up.
  3. Pay attention to your breath – inhale and exhale while completely immersing yourself in the workout.
  4. Mind-muscle connection – squeeze your shoulders, engage your core, and concentrate on where you are trying to target.

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