Luxury heels with a rebellious edge

Footwear designer Rosamund Muir talks a passion for slow fashion, dopamine dressing and the distinctive star at the heart of her collections

By Cheryl Caira

Creating footwear that’s playful and sophisticated with a decidedly rebellious edge, designer Rosamund Muir wants women to feel empowered – and super comfortable – when they slip on her sustainably-made heels.

Launched in 2020, the eponymous brand was born out of Muir’s frustrations with dashing round London in torturously uncomfy shoes. “I didn’t want to give up my heels, so I decided I would design footwear that catered to women across the board. We try to offer a blend of heels that really anyone can wear – we know everybody has different shaped feet, but we make the designs as comfortable as possible.”

Luxury footwear designer, Rosamund Muir

The aim was to swerve away from all things fast fashion and create forever pieces – every design is handmade to order, with small batch production and a zero-waste policy. 

“We’ve got a really strong ethos around sustainability and ethical practices. It’s a massive journey – and I’m not saying that we’re perfectly sustainable – but we’re always evolving. We only use surplus stock leathers for our footwear, as overproduction has such a negative environmental impact.”

Muir’s vibrant shoes and boots are crafted with premium by-product leathers sourced from tanneries in Italy. The footwear’s packaging is also sustainable, with boxes made from recycled cardboard and organic cotton shoe bags. 

Italian influences have played a pivotal part in the brand’s story. Originally from Northumberland and having lived across Europe, Muir took on the task of renovating a derelict trullo house in southern Italy with her husband. It’s where they now holiday every year as a family with their three children. 

“On the evening we arrive, we always lie back on our loungers and look up at the stars, because the skies are so clear. And that’s partly why our Star Collection was created.

There’s a lovely children’s book written by Scottish author Debi Gliori, called No Matter What, about a parent and a child. It talks about love – like starlight – never dying, even if some of the stars died a long time ago.

When I was reading the book to my children, having lost my mum at a young age, the power of the story just hit me. I get shivers every time I talk about it.  

Two years before I even launched the brand, I decided I wanted the symbol to be a star. It’s a collection based around family and love.” 

The exuberantly colourful Venice Carnevale was the inspiration behind the brand’s most recent boot collection in stand-out shades including white and bright red. “That was a personal moment for me, because the Venice Carnival was where we got engaged. I really wanted to design some mid-calf boots in dramatic colours, that were also classy and sophisticated.

“It’s a colourful, vibrant, positive brand with joy at its heart, which is all about dopamine dressing. When you put on a bright, playful pair of shoes, it just evokes happiness.”

Rosamund Muir London retails from £355 online and in selected luxury and sustainable stockists – including Oliami in Auchterarder, Perthshire