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Feel inspired by these gorgeous winter landscapes

Travel the world via these 10 stunning photos submitted to the world’s largest photo competition

There’s something completely mesmerising about the winter season and landscapes that have been captured covered in crisp snow and tinges of icy white.

CEWE recently released a collection of new images from the CEWE Photo Award – the world’s largest photo competition – showcasing beautiful wintry scenes in different locations around the world.

The 10 snaps below have been submitted in this year’s competition, which aims to celebrate the best in photography across the globe. The competition is open to everyone – from amateur photographers to established professionals. Until the end of May 2023, entrants can submit photos for free that celebrate the competition’s ‘Our World is Beautiful’ theme. There are 10 categories – from aerial shots and animals to landscapes, travel and culture – highlighting the true beauty of the world around us.

The 1,000 overall winners can look forward to prizes totalling more than €250,000. In addition, three monthly winners will be chosen, each receiving a voucher for CEWE photo products worth €100. SOS Children’s Villages has been selected as a charity partner, with 10 euro cents being donated to the children’s relief organisation for every photo submitted.

Below, CEWE shares some of its favourite winter images from the landscapes and nature categories of its current competition:

Frosted, white trees create a picturesque woodland. Photographed by Christoph Grubich and taken in Austria, Kirchschlag
A church stands steadfast in the distance surrounded by crisp, white snow. Taken by Matjaž Šimic in Slovenia, Novo Mesto
A castle fit for the perfect winter getaway in the frosted mountains. Taken by Judith Kuhn in Germany, Schwangau
A lone explorer lays perfectly between a sea of snow-covered trees. Captured by Tomáš Dvořák in Czechia, Liberecký kraj
Crisp, white snow gathers on a sea of trees creating a winter wonderland. Captured by Christoph Grubich taken in Austria, Sternstein
A volcano is frozen by the winter chill leaving a mystical-looking hole in the ground. By Hendrik Soppa taken in Iceland, Kerið
Fallen snow lays across the mountains to create a wintry scene. Taken by Martin Ziegler in Switzerland, Diavolezz
Snow covers the mountains and land whilst plants sneak through to be greeted by the winter chill. Taken by Gabriele Gardelli in Italy, Alpe Devero
The sun sets on another frosty day leaving a beautiful sky with shades of purple and blue. Taken by Nicole Gorywoda-Henning in Germany, Untersiemau
A winding, wintry road is created by a forest of trees covered in frost and snow. Taken by Jan Řípa in Czechia, Liberec

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