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Fringe for a Day

Comedy cabaret artist Daniel Wye – otherwise known as the late great ghost whisperer Séayoncé – talks his Fringe show Res-Erection, sweaty gay bars and being starkers on Arthur’s Seat

How would your perfect Fringe day begin?

I wake up in my bed and next to me is the New Zealand rugby union team. One of them is reading a five-star Guardian review of my show, before round two. 

What are your favourite venues around the city for buzz or a bit of peace and quiet?

I love all the gay bars – Paradise Palms, CC Blooms… they remind me of the sweaty queer pits that raised me in east London. Also, The Flick is the place  where dreams are made. 

What’s your ideal run-up to a performance and how do you wind down afterwards?

My ideal run-up to a performance is not having to be sat looking at my tired face for an hour and a half whilst applying layers upon layers of Superdrug makeup, until I transform into a full demonic clown witch. But this is what I chose in life. After a show I normally unwind by running naked up Arthur’s Seat to howl at the moon. 

What makes you such a fantastic ghost whisperer – and if we come to the show, will you contact all of our favourite late celebs (RIP)?

I’ve been there since the beginning and used my powers to help all the greatest inventions come to fruition. It was me who told the cavemen to rub two sticks together, which of course gave us…homosexuality. If you come to the show we will examine your sordid past and bleak future and I’m sure we can get your favourite dead celebs to come inside me… possess me and chat to you. 

Who is your hot ticket at this year’s Fringe? (apart from your own show, of course)

Another east London queen, Baby Lame. Her style of drag is so unique and the energy she brings is so impressive, as well as all the talent. You want punk queer anarchy? Go to The Flick and see this icon!

Tell us something we don’t know about being a Fringe performer.

You actually make loads of money and it has no negative impact on your mental health. 

Best thing you’ve seen or overheard at the Fringe so far…

The way Grace Campbell shouts “ick” on stage is probably one of the best things. 

Séayoncé is performing at Assembly Roxy-Upstairs until 28th August, show at 10pm, tickets here