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How to declutter your life

Setting goals, using the three-box method and understanding the 80/20 rule are just some of the ways to get rid of your junk and declutter this January.

That’s according to the experts at London Junk, who offer tips and advice on how you can clear the rubbish in your own home.

They recommend you should commit to getting rid of rubbish by prioritising items to throw away, keeping all surfaces clutter-free and tossing two items after receiving one similar for Christmas.

They also want to make sure people are being savvy with their decisions by knowing what can be recycled, what can be donated and what does need to be thrown away.

Harsha Rathnayake, CEO of London Junk said: “January comes with many resolutions and some people will make it a priority to have a more minimalistic home in 2017.

“With our top tips they can learn to prioritise which areas of the home need to be decluttered, the things they need to think about when you are doing it and the most time efficient way to approach it.”

These are the top ten tips on how to declutter your home for the New Year:

Set goals

If you have a lot of clutter in your home, begin by setting specific goals and make a plan that you can work your way through.

Map the ‘clutter spots’ you want to tackle and work your way systematically through them. Set completion dates so you have something to work towards.

Get one, toss two

Quite simply, throw away two items for every gift received over the Christmas period.

If you received a new book, look at your bookshelf and lose two. Do the same with DVD’s, kids clothes and toys as well. Choose between throwing away, donating or selling on the items.

Declutter your Christmas decorations

Before putting your Christmas decorations back into storage, carefully go through them and get rid of old items that you know you will never use again.

Use three boxes

Use the three-box method to help you decide what items to keep, get rid of or put into storage. For any items in the keep box, work out where you are going to put them. These should be stored neatly in a draw or container.

For storage, categorise and label all containers as you fill them. Then neatly place them in your storage area.

When getting rid of your items, sort through the box and work out what you can donate, sell or throw away to the junk collectors.

Commit to getting rid of your junk

Committing to getting rid of all your junk can actually end up being the hardest part about decluttering. Mentally prepare yourself and be realistic when you’re debating whether to part with something you haven’t used in a long time.

Prioritise items to sort through

Even if you are a minimalism pro, there are still plenty of items that you can be decluttering when entering 2017. Think about leftover Christmas food, fancy party clothes that you never wear, and any old books, towels, bedding and cosmetics.

Think of the last time you used it

If you can’t recall the last time you used something, you should probably get rid of it. If you are a natural hoarder and struggle to get rid of things, ask yourself whether you really love it. If you don’t love it and haven’t used it in six months, add it to the ‘get rid of it’ bin.

Sleep on it

If you’ve gone on a rampage and sorted out a lot if items to get rid of, sleep on it before throwing it all away. If you wake up thinking that you probably shouldn’t have thrown an item away then take it out of the rubbish pile.

Keep flat surfaces clean

Overly cluttered surfaces are a sign you have too much junk, or you need to put some stuff in storage.

Use the 80/20 rule

We typically wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time. So when sorting through your wardrobe ask yourself – does it fit? Has it been worn in the past year? If your item is any of the above then the best option is to donate it to charity. If it’s damaged, then throw it away. And if it has sentimental value, put it in storage.