An eco-conscious shout-out to Johnstons of Elgin’s partnership with design duo, VIN + OMI

Sustainability is at the heart of the new collection of garments and bags

One is a 222-year-old Scottish cashmere house with a Royal Warrant; the other is an award-winning art & design duo, famous for their sustainable clothing ranges. Both have recently come together to highlight the importance of reducing fashion waste, amid a growing awareness of the effects of fast fashion, over-consumption and the environmental impact the fashion industry has on the planet.

Pieces from Johnstons of Elgin & VIN + OMI’s collaboration, made from textile off-cuts

The UK’s largest independent producer of luxury cashmere and fine woollens, Johnstons of Elgin have always worked with natural, renewable, biodegradable fibres, and remain one of the last vertical mills to process their fibres from the start to the finished product. Eco textiles brand VIN + OMI have spent two decades focusing on ways to innovate across sustainability. They recently created a collection made from nettles taken from Prince Charles’ Highgrove Estate, and have developed eco fabrics that include mycelium, recycled ocean plastic and bog cotton.

Launched at London Fashion Week as part of the VIN + OMI Future Flowers collection – inspired by the future projections of the evolution of flowers on a changing planet – all the garments and bags are made from textile off-cuts. The collaboration will also continue into the future with a number of sustainable projects that will team VIN + OMI’s UK estate waste management programme with Johnstons of Elgin’s textile production.

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