The Blankfaces has launched its flagship store at Buchanan Galleries

Unisex streetwear brand The Blankfaces has chosen Glasgow’s Buchanan Galleries to launch its flagship store

Lead image: Martin Shields

It’s known for its brightly coloured unisex streetwear and T-shirt slogan “People Make Mistakes”, and now Glasgow label The Blankfaces has launched its flagship store in central Glasgow – becoming the UK’s first fashion label working to end homelessness.

The non-profit brand has launched at Glasgow’s Buchanan Galleries, with an array of wardrobe essentials for both adults and children. Products on sale include T-shirts displaying the “People Make Mistakes” and “Reverse Social Decay” messages, sweaters, hoodies and accessories. All the designs in the store have been created or inspired by someone who is or has experienced homelessness.

Blankfaces store in Buchanan Galleries, Glasgow
Photograph by Martin Shields

A percentage of every product sold will go directly to the participant who has shared their homeless story and inspired the designs for the collection, with the rest of the profits generated to be used for shelters and grassroots homeless charities across Glasgow.

The Blankfaces is located on the first floor at Buchanan Galleries and is open from 10am – 5pm Monday to Saturday and from 12pm – 5pm on Sundays.

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