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Bottoms up!

Temptation abound with these perfect-for-Easter concoctions – cocktail shakers at the ready 

Honey Bunny from The Adamson Restaurant and Cocktail Bar, St Andrews



40ml dry gin
20ml Cointreau
20ml lemon
15ml honey
1 sprig of thyme

Garnish: dehydrated lemon & sprig of thyme

Equipment needed:

Cocktail shaker
Coupe cocktail glass
Fine sieve strainer
Cubed ice


Add cubed ice to the cocktail shaker.

Pour the ingredients into it, secure the lid and shake for 15 seconds.

When the shaker is cold, the cocktail is diluted and ready to pour. Strain the cocktail through the sieve into the glass.

Garnish with lemon & thyme.

Chocolate Pu’Erh Mini-Egg Mar-tea-ni from Edinburgh’s eteaket Tea

Makes two delicious, creamy, chocolate Mar-tea-nis to enjoy in the evening after a day of egg hunts and too many hot cross buns!


eteaket Loose Leaf Chocolate Orange Pu’Erh

80ml vodka

Vanilla bean or extract

30g caster sugar for simple syrup

100ml double cream

Garnish: Mini Eggs

Equipment needed:

Cocktail shaker

Martini glass




Brew a strong infusion of Chocolate Orange Pu’Erh by steeping a heaped teaspoon in 60ml of freshly drawn boiling water. Remove the leaves after five minutes and allow to fully cool.

In the meantime, make vanilla syrup by adding 20ml of boiling water to the caster sugar and stir until it has dissolved. Add in vanilla bean or a teaspoon of vanilla extract. You can do this straight into the cocktail shaker to avoid dishes.

Prepare the Mini Egg garnish by breaking them into smaller chunks with a rolling pin or pestle & mortar.

Add in the cream, vodka, and cooled Chocolate Orange Pu’Erh tea and fill with ice.

Add the lid and vigorously shake for 20-30 seconds. This should allow the cream to capture the air and turn your concoction light and fluffy.

Strain into a chilled martini glass and sprinkle on the mini egg topping.

Celtic Remedy from Scottish gin, Caorunn

A celebration of one of Britain’s best-loved summer berries, this cocktail has a bittersweet character and a refreshing, fruity finish. Light and amble, this drink is perfect for a sunny afternoon tipple.


30ml Caorunn Gin

10ml Campari 

2.5ml cider vinegar 

¼ apple 

1 blackberry 

10ml sugar syrup

Garnish: blackberries 

Equipment needed:

Cocktail shaker

A tumbler 




In a shaker, muddle the apple and the blackberry together.

Add the rest of the ingredients and shake.

Double strain over ice and garnish with a blackberry.