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Bagel central

We’ve got a hole lotta love for bagels of all kinds (sorry, we had to), and we can’t help but be awed by Bross Bagel’s continuing success story – with their sixth shop recently opening as central as it gets in Waverley Mall.

Named Brossties and Frickles – the ‘brossties’ are a special kind of toastie, and ‘frickles’ a deep-fried pickle – the brand’s latest bagel emporium is their biggest space to-date, with a minimalist chic vibe and a neon sign luring you in for baked treats. The brand originated from owner Larah Bross seeing a bagel-shaped hole in the market for the beloved doughy bread, a staple in her native Canada.

A Brosstie bagel & frickles, the Waverley shop’s speciality

The menu classics remain on offer (the ‘Montreal’ bagel with cream cheese, lox, pickled red onion, capers and dill is an eternal winner), along with a decent amount of vegan options and some newbies thrown into the mix. The peanut butter and jelly creation for the sweeter of tooth comes highly recommended. The specialism here though, will be the Brossties, which are only available at the Waverley shop.

Open from 10-5pm, 7 days a week. Go to for info