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Ever considered giving your hands some youthful revitalisation? Dr Victoria Dobbie, clinical director of Face & Body clinic, is an expert in hand rejuvenation treatment, using dermal filler to restore your hands’ youth. Face & Body’s aesthetician, Becky Hymers, is an expert in IPL laser treatments that remove age spots and pigmentation. Here, Dr Victoria and Becky explain more about the treatment.

How does the ageing process affect our hands?

Dr Victoria: “Your hands are exposed to the sun and environmental factors more frequently than any other part of your body, which makes them more susceptible to sun damage and accelerated ageing. As we age, the plump layer of tissue on the back of your hands gets thinner, allowing veins and tendons to become more visible. Thinner skin also allows for sun damage to appear as pigmentation and age spots.”

How can dermal fillers be used on hands?

Dr Victoria: “Before the dermal filler treatment begins, I inject local anaesthetic between the knuckles to ensure your comfort. The dermal filler is then administered via a cannula, a blunt tube that is inserted under the surface of the skin through a small hole made with a needle. The blunt nature of the cannula ensures your safety, as it rolls over any veins or arteries, allowing the dermal filler to be administered carefully and safely under the surface of your skin. Using a cannula reduces inflammation and pain by 80%. I use a dual action dermal filler, which not only plumps but also stimulates collagen production in the back of your hands. This second action of stimulating new collagen growth ensures longer lasting results.”

How can IPL laser treatment resolve pigmentation?

Becky: “IPL skin rejuvenation treatments are a quick and easy way to treat pigmentation on your hands and restore an even skin tone to complete the hand rejuvenation process. When the laser is fired, the brown pigment in your hand will absorb the heat, shattering the pigment and resulting in the darker spots working their way out. Following treatment, the treated areas of your skin will appear darker. There may also be some dryness. Then, these treated areas will eventually fall away from the skin leaving your even tone underneath.”

Dr Victoria’s hand rejuvenation patient, Heather, explains more about her experience…

Why did you want to have hand rejuvenation treatment?

Heather: “It’s one of those things, you’re putting on jewellery or reaching for a glass of wine, then you notice one day that your hands are quite veiny, quite wrinkly, and the skin is quite lax. So, I thought, these hands are giving away my age. I spend time looking after my face and having treatments there, but I forgot about my hands.”



How would you describe your hand filler experience?

Heather:There was no discomfort. Dr Victoria injected local anaesthetic before we started so that numbed the area. There was no pain, and the results were instantaneous and fantastic. It was brilliant. There was absolutely no downtime and I had brilliant hands by the time I left.”

What about your laser experience?

Heather:I have to be honest, it was slightly uncomfortable, but it’s only for a second. In comparison to the hand filler, the results from the laser take slightly longer to show. Some of my treated areas scabbed over slightly, and for other areas the pigmentation just disappeared by itself. My full results were apparent after a week to ten days, and during that time there was no discomfort at all.”

How do you feel now?

Heather:I feel fantastic. I keep flashing my hands around and looking at them! You don’t realise how much your hands are ageing you until you have the treatment and you see the final results. Now I don’t feel self-conscious about my hands, and I love putting on jewellery. It’s just fantastic, I’m so happy with the results.”

Would you recommend a hand rejuvenation treatment at Face & Body?

Heather:My hands don’t look wrinkly or old anymore, there’s no obvious veins now. It’s such a painless process, and you’re so welcomed at Face & Body. I can’t recommend this treatment and Face & Body enough. I’d never go anywhere else.”

Heather’s hands before and after dermal filler and IPL treatment

Click here to watch Heather’s video about her hand rejuvenation experience at Face & Body. 

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