Spruce up your Home

Laura Dweck tells us how to interpret the latest décor trends in inventive style this festive season

The tradition of decorating our homes for Christmas has been born out of a need to introduce colour, life and warmth to our space during a time when the weather is at its bleakest. This has evolved over the years into wanting to decorate when hosting family and friends, and showing our homes at their best during the entertaining merry-go-round that is December. Let’s not forget those of us who see it as the perfect opportunity to join the masses and create our own Instagram-worthy festive scenes.

Most people’s decorations have been gathered together over the years, collected from holidays, family members or for the opportunists among us, January sales. So what are the trends for Christmas 2019, and how can we incorporate these to create a refreshed look for the festive season?

Let’s talk about an unlikely source of festive décor: the humble twig. Maybe not so unlikely, considering the majority of us drag a living tree into our living rooms come 1st December.

Suspended twig centrepieces – namely twisted willow – have been everywhere this season. Not only are they a practical addition to a dining table, hung out of the way so you no longer have to dodge a candelabra to converse with the person seated opposite you, they also leave more room on the table for food, which some might argue is critical. Once you establish how to hang it (definitely a two-person exercise after some careful planning over a glass of mulled wine), your imagination can run wild with décor ideas.

If you are going to add light, look for battery-powered fairy lights to avoid unsightly wires. Another great option is hanging glass tea light holders then layering up baubles and reusing decorations that you would normally place on a tree. Other places you might want to hang this beauty for maximum impact are over a sideboard in your dining room, kitchen island or bay window.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll see the traditional advent calendar has had a makeover. No longer the reserve of children excitedly opening windows for their morning chocolate fix, it’s now the most sought after Christmas treat for adults.

Neptune’s Eve calendar

Decorative calendar from M&S

There are a host of calendars that have beautiful packaging and look good enough to bring out as decorations year after year. Have a look at Marks & Spencer’s calendar with dinky houses, that double up as place settings for the big day. For a mantlepiece addition, Neptune’s Eve calendar made from candles will add just the right amount of atmosphere with all 25 candles flickering come Christmas Day.

Let’s not forget about the humble Christmas wreath, probably the most symbolic of decorations, representing ancient solar celebrations. I feel they should no longer be the reserve of the best-dressed front doors, so don’t be afraid to go big and place an oversized wreath indoors.

Cox & Cox wreath

You don’t even have to stick to traditional fir foliage. Cox & Cox have some beautiful eucalyptus and succulent wreaths. Swap the traditional greens for their blush eucalyptus for a more contemporary look, or opt for olive branches to bring in a gorgeous Mediterranean aroma. Feeling crafty? With the correct tuition they’re not difficult to make, so watch out for a wreath-making event near you and rope in a group of your craftiest friends.

As you prepare for the last Christmas of the decade, don’t overlook your New Year celebrations and décor. I’ve decided to go big on the glitz and glamour to welcome an exciting new decade in. Aside from our personal dreams and ambitions, I think we’re all united in our hope it will be filled with political & economic stability. So come 1st January, we’ll be itching to take the foliage down and replace it with sprouting bulbs about to burst into bloom.