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Private View

If money was no object, which architect would you hire to design your home? I actually have Charles Rennie Mackintosh windows in my house!

Which interior designer are you loving at the moment? Kelly Hoppen is still at the top of her game. I’m a fan of her signature look of neutrals, taupes and beige.

How would you describe your taste in art? I love black and white portraits. My husband bought me this beautiful painting of Liza Minnelli, which I hang in my dressing room. I’m not sure who the artist is as I can’t make out the signature, but it’s my most treasured piece of art.

What book is currently on your coffee table? The Fashion Annual by Lynne Coleman. It’s a beautiful collection of photography which takes a look back at 2018 through fashion and photos. Everyone picks it up and has a flick through when they’re sat in my lounge.

In your opinion, what’s the best all-round architectural style? I love Scandinavian design. My husband is Finnish and I just love the minimalist, clean lines. From Ikea to Aalto, the Scandis are great at stylish design.

Lush, leafy garden or roof terrace with a view: which one wins out for you? A roof terrace – with a bar, pool and DJ!

What statement addition to a property can instantly transform a room? Creating a fireplace instantly makes your home welcoming and cosy. I live in a 120-year-old house and we opened up a couple of chimneys and added fireplaces. It’s made my home feel like a little boutique hotel in the Highlands. I always have a roaring fire going in the evenings.

Swapping places with the house hunters you’re helping, where would be your ideal place in the sun? In Europe I’d go for Spain. I filmed in Dénia recently, which I think is a hidden gem. Lots of history, very Spanish feeling, great shopping and beautiful beaches. Further afield, the dream would be Los Angeles, in West Hollywood.

What ‘undiscovered’ part of the world do you think we should be saving our pennies to buy in? Africa. My mum is from Uganda and I’d love to have a property there one day. Beautiful sunshine, friendly people, lush greenery, mountains, safari and the best food. It’s a dream.

What’s the definition of luxury to you at home? Luxury is open fires, high ceilings, spacious rooms and a big, comfortable sofa with lots of throws and cushions. I’m lucky to have all of these in my home.