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7 tips for stunning festive styling

To help us get our indoor and outdoor foliage looking fabulously festive, Dobbies Garden Centres have teamed up with leading stylist and best-selling author Selina Lake for some inspired ideas.

Mantelpiece styling

An abundance of green foliage makes a striking yet affordable mantelpiece display for Christmas. Take your secateurs out to the garden and collect a mix of green cuttings from your Eucalyptus trees, overgrown Ivy, Pine Trees, Rosemary herbs and fur foliage.

Arrange your cuttings on your mantle and nestle Dobbies white pillar candles in between, ready to light on the big day – just be careful none of the branches come into contact with the flames once all the candles are lit. (Never leave lit candles unattended).

Festive hanging basket

Plants and hanging basket from Dobbies

Give your hanging basket a festive twist by planting red berries, white Hellebores and trailing Ivy together. Add extra springs of festive foliage to fill any gaps.

Candle centerpiece

Turn this galvanised metal three pot planter into a festive table centrepiece. Fill each pot with potting compost and insert a dinner candle into the centre of each. Them add small sprigs of foliage around the candle, I used white wax flowers, Eucalyptus, Ivy and added small pine cones. Fill any gaps with moss.

Mini Christmas trees

Plants & string from Dobbies

Mini pine trees make a decorative display when grouped together and wrapped in craft paper tied together with string.

Botanical gift wrap

How about decorating gifts with sprigs of greenery, berries, and cones gathered from your garden? Simply wrap gifts in simple craft paper, then tie boxes up with black velvet ribbon.  Use your garden to collect botanicals and foliage, and to finish the boxes simply weave stalks between the ribbon.

Decorative dining chairs

Give your dining space a festive botanical feel by decorating the backs of each chair with a bough of foliage. Tie the cuttings (not the spindles) on the chair using string or ribbon and add a handmade message.

Rosemary serving wreath

Wow your guests with festive nibbles, use Rosemary sprigs to make a wreath base on a serving plate and arrange small stuffed peppers and olives. The amazing fragrance of fresh cut Rosemary will also add a wonderful aroma to your home.