Amchara Detox Retreat, Malta

Where I headed:

“The Maltese island of Gozo. I wanted to escape the madness of Christmas and all the indulgences that come along with it. I suffer from diabetes and my sugar levels were dangerously out of control. After some research, I discovered Malta had a very good reputation for health retreats and I found the Amchara Retreat, which specialises in diabetes. Before booking I spoke to the medical team, and after a wonderful consultation they advised me come to the retreat for two weeks to work on getting my diabetes under control.”

The Retreat experience:

“I was so burnt out when I arrived, I slept for eighteen hours. After seeing the medical team, I was put on a very strict regime of juicing and soup, with intervals of shots of coconut oil, wheatgrass and turmeric. I did this for fourteen days. The first three or four nights were very hard, because you’re detoxing and you get very tired, but the setting was just so beautiful. Waking every day at eight, we went to a yoga class – the most beautiful yoga studio was on the upper level of the retreat with a whole glass window that overlooked the valley. Even if you didn’t participate in the yoga, just to walk into that room and sit and relax had a very calming effect. You could just feel the tension leaving your body.”

Tell us more:

“I was worried about missing my daily crutches like a coffee and a glass of wine, but when it’s not on the menu, you don’t miss it. After the juicing during the day, we had an hour to ourselves, and between lunch and 3pm, you could read, go for a massage or just have some alone time to reflect and relax. The level of care and attention from the staff was first-class. If you’d not been seen around for a while, someone always came to check on you. As well as detoxing and yoga, you can have beauty treatments or take part in mini-seminars on various topics, such as how certain types of food affect the gut and the effect of stress on the body.”

The benefits:

“Not only was it a food detox, it was also a digital detox – no phones, no computer. It was just wonderful. I was completely cut off, but I wanted that because the constant interruption of emails and phones is very stressful, and stress can have a negative effect on your blood sugar. Every day at breakfast, we all sat together and discussed what we had planned for the day ahead by way of trips or treatments. Although none of us discussed our most private difficulties, I could clearly see everyone around me, myself included, starting to look happier and healthier. It was affirming to spend time with likeminded people who were striving for better health. My fellow guests were from all over the world– it was like the United Nations at lunchtime!”


“I came back with a totally different outlook on life and being diabetic. I felt so well and enjoyed putting all that I’d learned into practice. I am now no longer taking insulin and have stopped one of my other diabetic meds, which is a fabulous achievement for me and pays testament to the great work at Amchara. You don’t need to be diabetic to visit the retreat – it’s also fantastic if you want a relaxing holiday with all the health benefits included.”

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