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Zen Lifestyle owner, Fiona Fowley, on the nail artistry you need to know about

So what exactly is Zen Signature Nails?

Zen Signature Nails is a collection of Shellac manicures with 18 bespoke colour combinations and effects, ranging from a subtle ombre look where a colour gradient is created and blended towards the tip using luxe pigment powder, through to statement gilt gold foil hand-painted onto the nail for a refined look.

Cherry picking the most wearable and sophisticated Shellac colours and combining with a subtle glitter or loose pigment powder, Zen Lifestyle therapists received specialist training from CND to expertly blend the pigment onto the nail colour and cure to create a gradient effect that’s truly bespoke. Different pigments are available too, from matte to shimmer. And for those who want additional drama, gold foil and further customisation is also available.

How did the Zen Signature Nails manicure come about?

Nail artistry has been thriving for the past 18 years, but in the last year it’s soared in popularity. We wanted to create something that was very refined and minimalist – subtle and sophisticated nail design with our clientele in mind, executed beautifully and meticulously every single time.

We worked with CND to select the key colours and bespoke colour combinations as well as further train the already highly trained team so that each and every Zen Signature Nail manicure was flawless and they were confident in further Zen customisation. The collaboration with CND and the exclusive one-one training with my team has resulted in Zen Signature Nails – a stunning collection of 18 looks with further customisation available.

How much does it cost?

It’s an affordable luxury. At only £42, it’s the same price as our standard Shellac manicures and includes polish removal, shaping, cuticle work, polish of your choice and a glass of fizz to enjoy too.

What’s your favourite look?

I’m addicted to Zen Signature Nails and have tried so many of them now it’s hard to pick a favourite. I have to say I’m loving ‘Midnight Swim’ with ‘Blue Heaven’ for a luxurious ombre look that is perfect to warm up my pale hands this winter.

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