Health & Beauty

Joan Collins gives us her top tips for looking festively fabulous

1 The sunshine may have disappeared but still protect your skin all year round by using a foundation with an added SPF

2 Always remember to eat a balanced diet. Avocados are great for both inside and out.

3 Instantly take yourself from desk to dancefloor and feel glamorous, confident and sexy by wearing bright and bold lipstick.

4 Make your lipstick last longer whilst sipping cocktails by blotting your lips after application.

5 Always remove your makeup every night with a deep cleanse and finish with a good overnight mouisturiser.

6 A good base is the secret to amazing make up and will disguise aging.

7 Blending makeup with good quality brushes is vital if you want to look your best for the camera

8 For a sultry, smoky eye look for the office party; double up your brow pencil by using it as an eyeliner and smudging it across the lids.

9 Clutch bags are limited for space, so use a lipstick as a blusher and blend it out onto the apples of your cheeks.

10 Tired looking eyes? Soak some cotton pads in a bowl of ice and place them on your eyes to refreshen and reduce puffiness.

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