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Happy Thanksgiving with Old Forester Bourbon

We are wishing all our friends in the US a very Happy Thanksgiving today. If you’d like to join us in toasting the day, then this fabulous cocktail is a great choice. If you don’t fancy making it yourself, you can always nip into The Voyage of Buck on William Street in Edinburgh and have one made for you. Personally, we’re off to buy a bottle and make sure we have LOTS to be thankful for!

Recipe: Ginger and Sage Highball

· 40ml Old Forester
· 15ml Honey and Sage Syrup
· Dehydrated lemon wheel
· Sprig of sage
· Fevertree Ginger Ale

· Shake Old Forester, honey and sage syrup together and double strain over cubed ice
· Top with Fevertree Ginger Ale
· Garnish with a dehydrated lemon wheel and fresh sage

About Old Forester

Old Forester is the only bourbon to be distilled pre, post and during prohibition by the same founding family. It has been available since 1870, when its creator, George Garvin Brown, a young pharmaceutical salesman in Louisville, Kentucky, saw the need for a high quality whisky that met medicinal standards.

With $5500 in saved and borrowed money, Brown and his half brother started J.T.S Brown and Bro. They sold Old Forester in sealed glass bottles to assure its quality. Brown also provided a handwritten quality assurance guarantee on every bottle. As America’s first bottled bourbon, it enjoys a heritage as rich as its taste.

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