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The Mozolowski & Murray ‘Cedar Effect’ is transforming how we extend our homes


Whether it’s the perfect garden retreat, a stunning kitchen/dining extension or additional luxury guest accommodation, more and more clients are choosing cedar to give their Mozolowski & Murray design the real wow factor.   The combination of its hard wearing durability and visually stunning appeal, makes cedar the ideal alternative to using the same materials that match your existing style of home.

The traditional way of extending homes has evolved from simply adding a box shaped space that fulfills a functional need, to creating a lifestyle space that can be used for any purpose, whether that be somewhere for the whole family to relax and be entertained, stylish guest or independent living accommodation, or simply creating an open plan sociable living area that traditional properties can often lack.

For those wishing to add a contemporary look to a more traditional style of home, the combination of glass and cedar is the perfect way to make an elegant design statement.  Its quality finish and versatility means you can choose to stain it a rich colour, creating a specific style, or simply leave it with a natural finish that will change with the weather, for a real sense of timeless character.

If an eco style space is what you want to achieve, then cedar is your ideal choice of wood.  A luxury retreat nestled at the bottom of the garden will simply blend into its surroundings by day and come to life when lit up at night.  A sedum roof can also make your garden living space truly special, while keeping sustainability at the heart of its design.