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How to achieve stress free skin in 3 steps

Ever had one of those hair-pulling, nail-biting, last thread, end of the rope kind of days?  Hello stress… as a result, we experience, lack of sleep, lack of motivation and anxiety.  What we don’t always think about it the serious effects stress can have on our skin.

STEP ONE – Get moving

Exercise is extremely  important to your health and well being.  As little as 30 minutes per day, three to four times a week can improve your brain-power, boost circulation, decrease tension and keep your inflammation in check.  Exercise produces endorphins which improve your mood, boost your energy and gives your mind a break.

STEP TWO – Get some ZZZs

Sometimes it’s hard to fit in the recommended seven to eight hours of sleep per night when there are so many good (or bad) things going on during the day! Try turning off your TV and electronic devices an hour before bedtime.  This helps to calm your mind and free it from outside stimulations that could be keeping you awake.  It may seem like sleep isn’t that big of a deal, but getting enough sleep sets the pace for the rest of your day.

STEP THREE – Pamper yourself

If your feeling stressed or even if your not, treat yourself to a little home-pampering.  Give your skin some TLC with your fave skincare.  We love the Ormedic and Clear Cell ranges from Image Skincare.  Always choose something suitable for your skin type or skin issues.  Light a scented candle and pop on your fave music for a perfectly pampered experience.